Are you planning to build your house from the ground up to finish and thinking of who’s going to be the right persons to construct your dwelling? You will surely get recommendation from your neighbor or friends or even ask on Facebook group. And might get a contractor who handles all the management and the workers for a full service fee.

On this part of my experienced in the construction. I made a list of worker and their specialize skills that we might need to know for the sake of knowledge. I also listed the labor rate that will give you guides as to how much is your possible cost, if you will just get an individual labor worker for the project.

Architect – responsible for the design, beauty and functionality of every part of your building. They design the looks of your house in & out, and estimate the materials base on the requirements. Most of the time they own the construction company that offers a complete service package.

Civil Engineer – responsible for strength of the structure that affect the environment like the weather condition, soil status, water system, and more. They are mostly the one who supervise on the field. At some point, they can also be the owner of the construction service.

Foreman – responsible for ensuring that everything goes smoothly at a construction site. They are responsible for being the point of contact between the construction workers and supervisors. A few of the main duties of a foreman are coordinating tasks for the day, creating schedules for workers, oversee quality of the site, and managing the budget. Daily Rate: 650-800 Php

Mason – a construction professional who works with various materials on a job, specifically stone, concrete and tile. They build items and can identify issues like cracks in mortar or water damage from tiny fissures between stones. Daily Rate: 500-600 php

Electrician – Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical systems and wiring in residential and commercial buildings. They also make sure all electrical systems and wiring works correctly and finds and repairs the source of an issue in broken electrical systems. Daily Rate: 500-600 php

Plumber – install, maintain and repair the pipes and fixtures that make up the plumbing systems in residential and commercial buildings. They inspect fixtures such as sinks, showers, toilets, garbage disposals and sewage lines to ensure they work properly and make repairs and recommendations when needed. Daily Rate: 500-600 php

Carpenter – use a variety of materials such as drywall, wood and fiberglass to build, remodel, install and repair frameworks and structures such as door frames, counters, cabinetry, rafters, partitions, molding and stairways in residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Daily Rate: 500-600 php

Painter – prepare surfaces in residential and commercial buildings that need paint and then mix and apply the paint to the surface. Preparing surfaces for paint involves cleaning, repairing holes, removing chipped or cracked paint already on the surface and taping off areas as needed. They also cover and protect objects such as flooring, furniture, lighting fixtures, electronics, windows and doors near the painting area before they paint and uncover, remove tape and clean their work area when they finish painting. Daily Rate: 500-600 php

Welder – responsible for assembling pieces of metal together or repairing damage in metal components using a welding machine. Their duties include attaching tubular, grills, gates, and other metal works. Daily Rate: 500-600 php

Helper – A construction helper is responsible for assisting construction workers to carry out a variety of tasks such as tidying up work areas, unloading materials, preparing worksites, cleaning debris, and executing other tasks as assigned. Rate: 400-500 php


Points of View:

All workers vary from one another. Some worker knows more than two or more skills that he can also do the task of both mason and painter, or even all around. Daily rates vary from city to provincial location. And a contractor has its own way of providing the payment for his/her worker.