Leveraging Technology in Real Estate Service


If you are trying to get back on your feet amidst the GCQ, then here are a few ways to get clients in the new normal!


Build A Website

The new normal requires social distancing, and with non-essential businesses temporarily closed due to the government mandate for self-quarantine measures to be in effect, having a website is one of the best ways to get your listings out.  We know this can be a bit daunting for most people, so we’ll post more articles to help you get started building your website, so stay tuned!  For now, let’s concentrate on the advantages of having your own real-estate website:


1.) Accessibility

Once you have your website up and running, your properties can be viewed by endless potential clients from all over the world. It is readily accessible, and it can be easily shared online. The properties you sell can be seen conveniently and gain interest from various people.  But what if getting your website up and running is currently not feasible right now? What other options do you have to get the word out online that you’re in the real-estate business?  The next best thing is to leverage something that is already there and already accessed by millions of people worldwide, and that is Social Media! Don’t worry, we’ll get to that in a minute.


2.) Credibility

With a website, you can build your online credibility and even establish your brand, if you’re inclined to do so. Building credibility is very important for Brokers and Agents alike. Having good credibility builds trust with your client and can help you land good deals and in turn, potential get more buyers through positive word-of-mouth.

To establish a good business and personal relationship with your clients, it is advisable that you start focusing on specific projects or areas.  Having a focus project or area allows you to concentrate on learning all about that specific project or area.  The whole point of this is to become very familiar with the project to the point where you can call yourself a subject matter expert (SME).  Being an SME means you can talk about a project in detail with your potential clients and answer their questions with confidence.  This builds up your image with your buyers because this shows them that you know exactly what you are talking about.


3.) Management

With your own website, you have complete control over what you post, and when you post it. This means you now have the ability to keep all your listings up to date.  An updated inventory gives you the advantage of finding the right home for your client. This can be very advantageous if you are focusing on high-end properties.  Depending on the number of properties you advertise, this can be also pose a challenge as well.



Use Social Media

Having your own website out of the question for now?  You can use social media as your platform!  It’s quick and easy to set up!


1.) Advertisements

Take advantage of the various free social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to advertise your listings and garner attention. These platforms are often used by the general public, and when properly utilized, can spread your name or your company’s name in a very short period of time. You also have the option of boosting your posts in social media.  On most social media platforms, boosting your post is quite affordable, but your mileage may vary of course.  It is always better to build your online reputation first by creating useful and informative posts on these platforms so that people start to take notice of you and hopefully share your posts with their circle of friends and acquaintances.  Think of this as a positive word-of-mouth endorsement.


2.) Relevancy

Social media apps are available to almost everyone with Internet access, so it helps you stay relevant in the public’s eye. Using these sites can help you expand your reach in advertising your properties and also get your name out to interested clients. It is important to let your presence be known because the more people that know you, the more they think about your business.  Try to keep your posts always relevant to real-estate so that your social media profile because better associated with the real-estate industry.


3.) Branding

If you want to be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competitors, you should establish your brand. This is a great way to establish name-recall and show your specialization to your clients. You can brand yourself as a property consultant, but that also makes you responsible for keeping yourself up to date on everything affecting real estate. This means always reading the latest news and trends from reputable sources. Doing this gives your clients the confidence that they are getting the best advice on their real estate concerns.



Learn Video/Photo Editing and Production

You need to be competitive online.  It is inevitable that you need to learn and understand what makes a video or picture effective in attracting potential buyers.  It’s a given that potential clients will want to see what you’re selling. After all, everyone wants to see what they’re paying for!


1.) Visual Appeal

It is important for listings to be appealing to clients. It either creates a good or bad impression on them. Often buyers tend to not stick around a property which looks dark, cluttered, and unorganized. It also shows how the quality of the estate, whether the condition is fit for them to live in or not. It pays to learn more about the basics of taking an appealing photo of real-estate properties.  We will tackle this in future articles.


2.) Perspective

Basic knowledge on selecting a good visual perspective of a property will help make your property more appealing to potential clients.  It will also help make your listing more visually informative, providing your buyer with a better understanding of the estate.


3.) Image and Video size

This is a bit on the technical side, but you want to keep the file size of your images and videos small enough so they load quickly but still retain a decent visual quality so they don’t come out as blurry or pixelated. We will be posting more on this topic soon, so stay tuned for our future articles!



Knowledge on Your Property


 1.) Be Knowledgeable

This is very important in the field of Real Estate.  The last person a buyer wants to talk to is someone who doesn’t have the basic information readily available.  Having extensive knowledge on the property you are selling can help clients make decisions faster (i.e. close the sale). Also, being able to answer their questions quickly and effectively shows your seriousness in helping them make an informed decision. You might now end up closing the deal now, but this will leave a positive impression on your client and can potentially result in a future sale or referral.


2.) Customer Care

It is important to assume that you are not the only one a buyer is talking with. Most clients shop around first in order to compare offers from properties that they are interested in. Potential clients often go for the agent or broker who provides the best knowledge and customer care. Show the customer you are not just in it for the commission, but you are providing them a valuable service by acting as an investment adviser of sorts so they can make the best decision with their money.


3.) Landing the Deal

If you have great familiarity and knowledge on your properties, you can cater to your buyer’s needs effectively. You can also provide alternatives or better options to fit their tastes when looking through listings, thus helping them find their dream home or investment opportunity.


“Dahil sa new normal, kailangan natin gumawa ng paraan para maka-adapt sa ating bagong sitwasyon. Wala sa edad ‘yan, lahat tayo puede matuto, basta palagi natin isipin na kakayanin natin.”

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